“Cloudex” offers IT software solution for freight forwarders and/or hauliers, suitable for companies of various sizes. Solution ensures automation of business processes, automatic preparation of required documents and other options, substantially facilitates cargo management and increases efficiency of company. Software solution combines business functionality with business accountancy.
On additional freight forwarding IT software solution features and benefits:
Contact data base of customers and freight forwarders
Cargo selling
Order processing
Data basis of customers, freight forwarders and other cooperation partners, addresses and other important information is substantial for ensuring operative communication among involved parties.
Through using tool of appropriate partner selection with pair clicks of mouse it is possible to prepare e-mail with proposal of cargo transportation and simultaneously to send out request of prices to all potential cooperation partners. Price, given by potential partner, will be automatically reflected in software, which will allow objective and operative assessment of the best proposal.
Fast, easy and accurate processing of order – beginning with order adding, location of orders/cargos to trip with option for cargo to be delivered through several storehouses/terminals, preparation and sending out of Order agreement and ending with preparation of automated invoice and sending it to customer.
Exchange of information with involved parties
Control of debtors
Monitoring of incoming invoices
Due to unified contact register of customers and cooperation partners and tool for e-mail sending, there is possible fast exchange of information with involved parties, for example, to inform driver on orders (SMS and through other ways), to send to customer notice on cargo delivery, etc.
With tool for debtor monitoring, it is possible to assess payment history of customers and payment of outstanding invoices. Automatic creation of debtors’ list. With pair clicks of mouse it is possible to prepare remainder of outstanding invoices for all outstanding invoices of customer.
With help of software it is possible to monitor payment terms of incoming invoices. As well as when customer’s bank details are accurately entered and payment order for invoice prepared, invoices can be exported to Internet bank to perform payment of invoices.
Exchange of payments with Internet banks
Profitability of trips or speditions
Company management reports
In software it is possible to import and export data from Internet banks, as well as to perform payment control of incoming and outgoing invoices.
Opportunity to assess profitability of trips or speditions, cargos, managers, trucks and drivers.
Company management reports are available in both tables and diagrams.
Management of trips or speditions
Drawing and sending of invoices
Trip or spedition combines all cargos/orders, their income and expenditures, on the base of which can be calculated profitability of trip or spedition.
From cargo transportation form with pair clicks of mouse it is possible to prepare invoice, to send it out automatically along with CMR. It is possible also to prepare one invoice for several cargo orders.
Arranged business processes of company
Increased business transparency
Facilitated takeover of works
Business process automation and transparency substantially improve total efficiency of company, loyalty of employees and business monitoring.
Due to unified data base, options for business analyses and profitability options – company management can more efficiently and transparently monitor business processes, customers’ history and profitability of employees. Software allows transparent monitoring of payment of current invoices, debtor payments, as well as whether there are prepared and sent out invoices for all orders. It is possible to plan and monitor costs for vehicle maintenance. Above mentioned opportunities fasten circulation of cash flow. Whereas, opportunities for calculation of trips or speditions will assist in taking more objective decisions.
Unified data base of software substantially will facilitate takeover of works at replacement of employees, because all information on cooperation history and register of contacts are located in one place.
Increased profitability
Facilitated increase of business volume
Improved communication with involved parties
Substantial decrease and facilitation of everyday administration tasks will allow employees to have increased focus on basic business, in such a way increasing profitability of each employee and whole company.
Due to automation and arrangement of business processes, it is possible in shorter time to serve several customers, thereby also – to increase profit.
Unified register of contacts and addresses excludes errors in data of partners. Automated preparation of documents and information on cargos increases customers’ loyalty.