Cloudex FMS

CLOUDEX Finance Management tool

01/05/2023 2023-09-25 10:06

finance management


Generating and Sending Outgoing Invoices with Proof of Delivery (POD)

Create invoices, include Proof of Delivery (POD) documents, and swiftly send them directly from the customer’s order with ease, all in just a few clicks.


Importing Payments from Online Banking

Effortlessly import payments from your online banking, saving valuable time and minimizing the risk of errors. Automate data entry and guarantee precise and swift extraction of financial information within CLOUDEX

Statistics and Monitoring of Customer-Specific Credit Limits

In this application, companies can effortlessly access the individual credit limit statistics for their customers. This functionality enables the company to review the utilization and historical data associated with each customer’s credit limit. Such insights empower the company to make informed decisions, such as permitting customers to surpass their credit limits or, if needed, reducing them.

Effective Debt Management

Effectively managing debtors constitutes a pivotal aspect of overseeing a company’s finances and ensuring its long-term sustainability. This encompasses a range of measures and strategies aimed at overseeing and recuperating overdue payments from customers.

Efficient Collaboration with Creditors

Efficient management of creditors is crucial for ensuring a company’s financial stability and long-term sustainability. This entails a series of vital actions and strategies aimed at effectively handling borrowings and obligations to creditors.

Exporting Invoices to External Accounting Systems

Effortlessly export invoices from CLOUDEX to integrate seamlessly with other accounting systems, promoting efficient data transfer and consistency across your financial processes.

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