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CLOUDEX Fleet Management

02/05/2023 2023-05-02 12:44

CLOUDEX Fleet Management

CLOUDEX Fleet Management provides an efficient and reliable solution for monitoring your fleet. Our software offers a range of features that help you manage your vehicles and drivers with ease. With our user-friendly interface, you can access a list of vehicles and drivers, as well as manage records, deadlines, and control various documents.

We understand the importance of keeping track of your fleet expenses, which is why our software allows you to import fuel, AdBlue, road vouchers, and other expenses from xls files. You can also manage driver salaries, allowances, deductions, and payroll taxes, allocate fixed costs such as insurance, leasing, and depreciation to the trip, and keep track of repair costs.

Our software provides an advanced trip analysis with additional columns for costs, including l/100km, salaries, fuel, travel, insurance, leasing, and more. This feature helps you to understand the overall cost of each trip, including fixed and variable expenses.

CLOUDEX Fleet Management also provides a driver advance payment printout for the trip and accounting with drivers, making it easy for you to manage expenses and payments. Additionally, our software allows for the export of trip costs to other accounting software, simplifying your accounting and reporting processes.

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By utilizing our comprehensive fleet management software, you can streamline your fleet management processes, reduce expenses, and increase efficiency. Let us help you optimize your fleet operations today.