Cloudex FMS

CLOUDEX Fleet Management

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Efficient Freight Management with CLOUDEX

Freight transport relies heavily on vehicles, making them indispensable. While some companies opt for outsourcing, others establish their own fleet. For those managing their own fleet, a multitude of cost factors must be considered to evaluate the efficiency and profitability of each vehicle throughout its trip.

When analyzing your fleet, every aspect holds significance: total costs, overall revenue, freight statuses and their respective routes, total days spent on the road, fuel consumption and remaining reserves, the number of drop-off points, toll road expenses, and various other essential factors.

CLOUDEX FMS provides a comprehensive toolset enabling a detailed breakdown of costs associated with each vehicle.

Key Features of CLOUDEX FMS Include:

    • Car Number
    • Trailer Number
    • Car Model
    • Car Year of Manufacture
    • Vehicle Type
    • Chassis Number
    • Status (Vacant or On the Road)
    • Total Kilometers Driven
    • Revenue per Trip
    • Journey Expenses
    • Actual Profit
    • Ferry Costs
    • Drivers’ Costs
    • Insurance Costs (OCTA, CASCO)
    • Start and End Dates of Journey
    • Transport Manager
    • Fuel Consumption by Season
    • Fuel Consumption per Trip
    • Fuel Consumption Difference
    • Lease Payments
    • And many more..

CLOUDEX FMS covers a wide range of critical data points, empowering you with the tools needed for thorough fleet analysis and efficient management.