Cloudex FMS

CLOUDEX Freight Management

01/05/2023 2023-09-21 13:26



Inputting Cargo Information

Entering cargo and customer information has never been simpler. What’s even more convenient is that the entire process can be accomplished within a single interface.

With CLOUDEX, you can do this in a matter of seconds, courtesy of our integrated database of European companies and the Google address database.

Trip Planning

Effortlessly optimize routes, modes, and schedules with our route planning feature. Enhance efficiency, lower costs, and guarantee on-time deliveries for your freight operations.

Sending Information to the Carrier or Driver

After inputting the load and selecting the carrier, you can easily transmit the information to the carrier’s company manager and/or driver—all accomplished with just a few simple clicks.

Tracking Delivery Status

Tracking delivery statuses is now more straightforward than ever. Simply follow these steps: navigate to “Operations,” then choose “Trips/Freight Forwarding,” and select the specific trip you wish to monitor. You’ll gain access to all the notations made by the driver through their DriverApp in real-time online mode.

Document Upload

Once the cargo has been successfully delivered, you have the option to attach the CMR, cargo photos, and any other necessary documents. The ability to add documents can be executed by either the driver or the manager. For further details on the DriverApp, please refer to additional information.