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13/02/2023 2023-10-09 7:13

CLOUDEX pricing

Greetings and welcome to the CLOUDEX pricing list. We understand that as a freight forwarder, optimizing performance is of utmost importance. With our basic package, we guarantee a minimum 100% performance enhancement. For carriers, we offer additional packages such as fleet management and driver applications that are designed to facilitate efficient operations. If you require further guidance on which package suits your needs best, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team. We are always available to assist you with any queries you may have.


Basic Package*

*Minimum, two users

CLOUDEX | Transport Management Software | Freight Management Software | Freight Transport Software | Transport CRM Software | TMS
  • Import EU company master data from the EU VAT register;
  • Integrate customer cooperation terms into orders;
  • Credit limit, payment history;
  • Credit limit for overdue invoices;
  • Total credit limit;
  • Prohibit acceptance of a customer's order if the payment delay exceeds ... days.
  • Carriers' CMR insurance records and controls - possible contract prohibitions;
  • Records by direction of travel, FTL/LTL, trailer type.
  • Store shipping and receiving addresses for reuse during order entry;
  • Google address lookup .
  • Quick and easy order entry;
  • Copy previous orders;
  • Import orders from customers using OZOLS, XSPED, etc.;
  • Publish shipments to;
  • Confirmation e-mail to the customer about order acceptance;
  • Detailed description of packages/pallets, comparison with planned and actual weight, volume, etc;
  • Multiple shipments in one order - multibooking;
  • Multi-carrier delivery through warehouses (terminals);
  • Additional services (preparation of import/export declarations, transshipment, etc.);
  • E-mail to stacking address with CMR, packing labels.
  • CRM module: tasks assigned to managers, their follow-up, etc;
  • Activity calendar.
  • Freight calculation for the carrier;
  • Automated creation of PDF email with signed carrier contracts in 9 languages;
  • Automated generation and emailing of accompanying documents (CMR and packing labels) to loading address or carrier;
  • SMS information to driver with loading and delivery addresses;
  • Manifest (loading/unloading information) for warehouse;
  • Scheduling;
  • Automated generation and sending of shipment tracking (Track&Trace) and shipment status e-mails (9 languages);
  • Order status (scheduled, loaded, delivered, invoiced, paid, etc.);
  • Add scanned files (CMR);
  • Total volume of disk space up to 3GB;
  • Order Fulfillment (Carrier's order has a link to the order where you can note that the cargo has been loaded, unloaded and you can upload the CMR), Status Emails.
  • Manager profit indicators;
  • Profit figures by period, client, division, etc.;
  • Customer collaboration reports (total revenue, expenses, average number of orders per month, decrease or increase in orders);
  • Carrier reports.
  • Outgoing Invoices (Accounting, CMR Attachment and email or print);
  • One invoice for multiple orders;
  • Multiple invoices for a single purchase order;
  • Print all invoices by month or any time period;
  • Fuel surcharge on invoice;
  • Ferry ticket accounting, linking to flights and and sales;
  • Import payments received from Internet bank;
  • Debtor reports;
  • E-mail reminders for payment of debts;
  • Factoring - financing of outgoing invoices outgoing invoices Export to other accounting to other accounting software, or you can also use Ozols accounting module.
  • Register incoming invoices;
  • Creditor reports;
  • Payment of incoming invoices and payment orders export to internet bank;
  • Certificates of cancellation of mutual settlements;
  • Reconciliation documents;
  • Addition of scanned invoices;
  • Export to other accounting software the possibility of using the Ozols accounting module.
  • User rights by operation mode;
  • User rights by order. View only your own orders or view all orders;
  • User rights by department;
  • User rights where you can set which user can see what user data.
  • Interface in 2 languages (LV, EN);
  • History of sent e-mails;
  • Automatic import of exchange rates from the European Central Bank;
  • Database hosting on our server up to 3Gb.
  • Integration with multiple navigation systems
  • Map planning

Own Transport Management*

CLOUDEX | Transport Management Software | Freight Management Software | Freight Transport Software | Transport CRM Software | TMS
  • Import fuel, AdBlue, road, etc. vouchers from xls;
  • Driver's salary, allowances, deductions and payroll taxes;
  • Allocation of fixed costs (insurance, leasing, depreciation) to the trip;
  • Repair costs;
  • Driver's advance payment printout for the trip;
  • Accounting with drivers;
  • Trip analysis with additional columns for costs (l/100km, salaries, fuel, travel, insurance, leasing, etc.);
  • Export of trip costs to other accounting software.
  • Status of vehicles and trailers, on the road, at home, under repair, etc;
  • Vehicle and trailer card with the possibility of adding deadlines and scanned copies of various permits and documents;
  • Breakdown of variable and fixed costs (insurance, leasing, depreciation, repairs, etc.) by trip.
  • Driver card with the ability to add deadlines and scanned copies of various documents;
  • E-mail reminders for overdue documents.
  • Speedometer and GPS mileage via API;
  • Print a road sign from a trip.

Driver App*

*First 5 drivers FOR FREE
*Next 6-25 drivers: 50€ per month
*26 and more drivers: give as a call

CLOUDEX | Transport Management Software | Freight Management Software | Freight Transport Software | Transport CRM Software | TMS
  • Route and distance in km to the next stop address;
  • Work orders to be performed (loading, delivery addresses, ferries, fueling, etc.) available in sequence;
  • Open navigation to the next stop address
  • The driver can note the actual loading and unloading time;
  • The driver can mark the actual load volume (number of pallets);
  • Add CMR and other photos.

Customer Portal*

*First 5 clients FOR FREE
*Next 6-25 clients: 50€ per month
*26 clients and more: give as a call

CLOUDEX | Transport Management Software | Freight Management Software | Freight Transport Software | Transport CRM Software | TMS
  • Order registration on WEB;
  • Track the status of active shipments;
  • Print CMR and package labels;
  • Download and view attached scanned documents (CMR, B/L, etc.);
  • List of unpaid customer invoices;
  • Customer order history available.


CLOUDEX | Transport Management Software | Freight Management Software | Freight Transport Software | Transport CRM Software | TMS
  • The accounting system complies with EU legislation.
  • No need to duplicate invoices and payments from other accounting systems, they are already there.
  • Automated posting of selected documents using a posting template
  • Automatic period closing, operational staff can't edit accounting data
  • Driver trip Advance billing (advance expense)
  • Driver Trip Money (Mission Allowance)
  • Driver wage calculation and Billing with the driver
  • Payroll and payroll taxes to be allocated to trip expenses
  • Importing timesheets from tachographs
  • Export monthly reports to State government system (EDS system);


  • Additional company (30Eur/month for each additional company)
  • Adding and configuring an additional company 30Eur
  • Installation of Ozols TMS on your server (200 Eur per company)
  • Additional disk space for database (Each Gb 5Eur/month)