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02/05/2023 2023-05-02 10:53


CLOUDEX Freight Management Software is designed to help businesses make data-driven decisions by providing a wide range of reports and analytics tools. Our software offers a comprehensive suite of reporting capabilities that enable you to analyze your business performance across a range of key performance indicators (KPIs).

With our software, you can generate profit figures by period, customer, division, and other metrics, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of your business performance and identify areas for improvement. Our software also offers customer analysis reports that provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping you to better understand your customers and build stronger relationships with them.

In addition, our software offers carrier reports that provide detailed information on carrier performance, including on-time delivery, transit times, and other critical metrics. These reports enable you to make informed decisions when selecting carriers, ensuring that you choose the best partners for your business.

Our reporting capabilities are fully customizable, allowing you to create reports that meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether you need to generate weekly, monthly, or annual reports, our software makes it easy to access the data you need to make informed decisions.

Freight Forwarding Software - Cloudex FMS CRM Tool

At CLOUDEX, we understand that data is critical to success in the freight forwarding industry. That’s why we’ve made it a top priority to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and sophisticated reporting tools available. With our software, you can gain valuable insights into your business performance and make data-driven decisions that drive growth, profitability, and success.