Cloudex FMS

CLOUDEX Warehouse Management Solution

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Incoming and Outgoing Cargo Flows

Effortlessly monitor and oversee the movement of incoming and outgoing cargo at the terminal. Stay updated on important dates, coordinate gate operations, assign responsible personnel for cargo handling, and effectively schedule timings through the comprehensive features offered by CLOUDEX.

Queue management

Queue management is a streamlined system that enhances the efficiency of the loading and unloading process at the terminal. Upon a driver’s arrival, they submit their documents to a terminal staff member, who logs their arrival and contact information. When it’s time for the driver to proceed to the loading/unloading gate, they receive a text message specifying the precise gate to visit. This facet of the system not only promotes improved organization but also minimizes waiting times, contributing to more efficient freight management.

Loading and Unloading in Accordance with the Manifest

Loading and unloading in accordance with the manifest guarantees the optimal management of operations. Through meticulous planning and the efficient allocation of resources, cargo movements are precisely synchronized with predefined information and schedules. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also mitigates the risk of delays by enabling rigorous cargo monitoring and maintaining a controlled process from inception to completion.

Gate Scheduling and Planning

Efficiently plan gate schedules and timings for unloading or loading, accurately estimate the duration required for each operation, and analyze data for enhancing gate efficiency.

Printing CMR Documents and Labels

Easily and conveniently print CMR documents and affix your unique label to each pallet. This procedure ensures the clear and efficient identification and management of your cargo.