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CLOUDEX Driver App

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Dispatching a Trip Itinerary to the Driver

  • The transport manager dispatches the itinerary to the driver, with the process differing depending on whether the drivers are from your company or recruited from other companies.

    • Company drivers can utilize the DriverApp, a dedicated mobile application.

    • For drivers recruited from external companies, a unique “link” to the route is provided.

    Through the DriverApp, drivers can access essential route details, including route specifics, distance, total travel time, and load information.

    When the DriverApp is integrated with a navigation system, several additional benefits arise. But what exactly does it mean to have this integration? Let’s delve into it:

    Drivers have the option to leverage the default navigation settings on their mobile device, such as Google Maps or Waze, for seamless navigation.

Loading of Cargo

  • The driver records the date and time of loading in the app.
  • Additionally, they have the option to attach images of the load, particularly in cases of damage.

Uploading CMR Documents

  • When delivering a load, the driver can capture a photo of the CMR and upload it to CLOUDEX, facilitating a faster cash flow within the company.
  • The DriverApp automatically identifies the document photos, trims unnecessary edges, and aligns them correctly as needed.
  • The captured CMR is then converted into PDF format and appended to the chosen customer’s order.

Delivery of Cargo

  • The driver records the date and time of delivery within the app.

Monitor Your Delivery Status Online

  • Freight managers can monitor the delivery status online through the CLOUDEX app, while customers can utilize the Customer Portal for the same purpose.