Learn what are just few of the benefits to use freight forwarding software tools

  • ALL IN ONE PLACE No need to use several separate applications. Manage all your documents, customers, freight, warehouse, finances, etc.
  • REDUCE HUMAN ERRORS With so much data handled manually, human error is very likely in freight shipping. A freight management solution helps automate the task of repetitive data entry, reducing the likelihood of human error.
  • TRANSPARENCY A freight management solution provides real-time visibility into each shipment, allowing you to monitor shipping activity and provide information to manage risk and make timely decisions.
  • SECURITY A modern and secure connection to key stakeholders, including customs, banks, agents, freight forwarders, airlines, and port authorities.
  • UNIFIED MANAGEMENT The Cargo Management solution simplifies day-to-day cargo management tasks by combining multiple data streams into one integrated platform. The solution integrates key functions such as sending or receiving payments, generating and approving documentation, and communicating with shippers and carriers.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit of implementing a freight management solution is the ability to increase profitability by optimizing business practices. Automated data entry eliminates the need for mountains of paperwork or reams of Excel files and can prevent costly typing or administrative errors. Automated pricing and data analysis saves time by automatically calculating costs. Reduces the burden on human resources by redirecting them to tasks that really matter and add value.
  • PRICE MONITORING It is essential to compare prices to find the right offer for your needs. Costs depend on the volume, value and even the time of the shipment. Our freight management solution gives you a significant advantage over other competitors by enabling you to move large volumes of freight and reduce manual labor. Cost reduction is a significant advantage.

CLOUDEX FMS freight forwarding software allows you to automate many of the processes involved in freight forwarding operations, without which it is impossible to remain competitive with other companies. CLOUDEX FMS is designed for those who operate in this complex and dynamically growing business. Everyone knows that logistics is often chaotic and disorganized, but with the solutions created by CLOUDEX FMS you will significantly increase the chances of success for your business.

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